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Enjoy the internet in sync with your friends. Watch videos, listen to music or go shopping on Watch2Gether.

Synchronized player for video and audio
Talk to your friends in the integrated chat room
Enjoy content from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and SoundCloud
Additional sources such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Joyn & Co can be integrated via W2gSync
Organize content into playlists
"Just wanted to say that Watch2Gether is absolutely wonderful. Since my girlfriend and me are in a long distance relationship, we use it a lot to watch videos together."
- Ted by Email
"This page is very interesting for schools and universities. It allows students to watch and comment on videos together."
- Lynn by Email
"My friends and I love Watch2Gether. We live far apart now and that way we can continue our tradition of watching videos together. We have been using Watch2Gether from the start and will continue to do so."
- David on Facebook
"Watch2Gether is the best site ever. We use the site for online role play, mainly for background music and sound effects."
- Anton on Facebook
"Objectively the best website ever! :-)"
- Julia on Facebook
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